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The programme of Westerlaken foundation is executed by Yayasan Bali Bersih.

What we do

Our work relating to human and children rights:
Our work for the coastal and marine environment:

Westerlaken foundation focuses on improving human and children rights in Indonesia. 

At this moment the foundation finances impactful research specially on children rights within orphanages on Bali. 

In cooperation with other foundations, movements, NGO's and GO's Westerlaken foundation finances research and initiatives to protect the coastal and marine environment by raising public awareness, campaign, research and fight against captivity. 

Westerlaken foundation finances the work of Yayasan Bali Bersih, the Indonesian counterpart of Westerlaken Foundation, which is actively engaged in providing first response to standings and emergencies of stranded dolphins, whales and sea turtles and actively campaigns against dolphin captivity in Indonesia. Westerlaken Foundation assists Jakarta Animal Aid Network and Dolphin Project in the savings and relocation of the ex-Melka resort captive dolphins. 

Our work relating to issues on cultural heritage management:

Westerlaken foundation assists in and focuses on the return of cultural heritage to Bali, Indonesia. On 10 oktober 2019 Westerlaken Foundation returned  2 tombaks taken after the puputan Klungkung to the palace of Klungkung. Westerlaken foundation has been able to acquire these tombaks from the Dutch commercial market. Another kris is to be acquired. 


Our work on emergency relief:

Westerlaken foundation actively finances relief to people effected by the 2018 Lombok earthquakes.